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Tracking Employee Attendance Accurately with FOX HR

July, 2022

Attendance management is crucial for organizations to control employees’ time and reduce employee downtime in the organization.

FOX HR Attendance Management module keeps track of employees’ working hours accurately. It does precise time monitoring for your employee’s attendance, breaks, and time-off requests. It also tracks when they clock in and out. Your attendance management becomes accurate, error-free, and effective as a result.

The employees in your organization can log their time and attendance on the competent FOX HR mobile application or web according to their convenience from anywhere. As the software automates the attendance management, the HR department should have access to real-time data to calculate employee payroll accurately, and employees should be compensated for their time.

Thus, better time keeping is facilitated with FOX HR Attendance Management Module. Timesheet errors are eliminated, and employee time management is made simpler with automatic timesheets that the system generates weekly or monthly. It enables to accurately determine working hours, which helps reduce errors in payroll computation.

It includes late punches, work shifts, and early punch-outs to automatically enable adjustments in payroll calculation without human intervention.

Bringing efficiency in Attendance Management with FOX HR

FOX HR, an advanced HRMS platform, provides a dedicated attendance management system to automate the entire attendance management system and enables the HR teams to streamline attendance management even during periods of remote work.

Remote Check-In/Out Functionality

Employees should be able to use remote Check-In and Check-Out buttons to systematically record their working and break times, which would improve employee attendance tracking. One of the most sought-after HR software solutions is now available due to the FOX HR platform.

Provision to apply for leave and regularize attendance

FOX HR allows employees to request leaves and regularize their attendance as necessary. This ensures that even remote employees can submit requests without any fail. Additionally, the platform offers an automated system for approving leave requests, which reduces the need for basic administrative duties to be handled by HR.

Better data security

HR data is comprised of employees’ sensitive data, which needs to be secured against unauthorized access and misuse. FOX HR offers advanced data security features to automate employee attendance.

Interactive user interface

Providing a feasible and interactive user interface must be the most crucial feature when it comes to an HRMS platform. FOX HR platform can be accessed via various platforms seamlessly. A user-friendly interface engages the user and makes it easy for them to find what they’re looking for within the application.

FOX HR mobile application

FOX HR mobile application can be accessed by the on-site and remote employees on the move. This provides mobility and flexibility by allowing employees and HR teams to use the platform from anywhere, anytime, from any device without compromising security.

Advanced analytics

The HR team and employees can easily generate automatic reports on leave, attendance, and working hours using the built-in analytics feature in automated attendance management system.

For effective and precise data analysis, advanced analytics is essential for organizations.

Final thoughts

Every employee’s data is merged into the main database. This makes it possible for HR teams to manage employees entirely in an effective manner. FOX HR comes as a comprehensive solution to empower employees and the organization.

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