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The Major Reasons for Choosing a SaaS Model HR Software

December, 2021

As the business world is going digital, so are the HR departments!
The human resource department of every organization is usually an area occupied with a lot of frenzied activities. But now, the HR departments are no longer confined in the back office attending to piles of paperwork.

The integration of modern HRMS technology has made HR transform entirely into a tech-savvy department that utilizes advanced HR software for simplifying and automating HR tasks.

Now let us move on to see the significant benefits of SaaS model HR software:

Ease of access

HR teams and employees can easily access the SaaS-model HRMS platform. It empowers HR personnel to execute payroll and access data even when on the run.
Moreover, the employee service module provides employees with direct access to attendance, payslips, leave details, etc., saving HR teams from administrative chores.

Go paperless

Gone are the years of storing employee records in piles and piles of papers. The integration of SaaS-model HRMS software makes it easy to access and store all data securely. As the data is stored digitally, HR managers can easily search files rather than go through all the paper files. Also, the required files can be printed from the software in a matter of seconds.
Having all your employee data in a secured storage place reduces the risk of damage or loss, also it removes the chances of inaccuracy through duplication of data. Thus, HR leaders can have peace of mind that all data is securely stored in an accessible space and all the data is backed up to reduce data loss.
The most significant advantage of going paperless is being eco-friendly and can reduce your carbon footprint to an extent.

Precise and accurate performance assessments

SaaS model HR systems can help increase employee engagement by making use of mobile technology and big data.
There are instances where HR teams run out of time while managing employee onboarding/offboarding, absence tracking, checking employee information, performance review schedules, etc. Switching to a SaaS-model HRMS platform will significantly reduce the time taken on these tasks.
Employee self-service module can bring out the employee engagement by filling up their basic details, access payslips, leave details, etc., from their profiles. Moreover, the option to update will ensure to have the most accurate details of the employees being updated in the platform.
SaaS HR software enables you to automate many of your operations, freeing you time to focus on more critical company-wide goals like enhancing customer satisfaction or expanding your organization.
Set up processes and use checklists to guarantee that regular procedures for tasks like performance reviews and disciplinary actions are followed, and management can easily track their progress.


Have you ever encountered a situation of being caught for the right-to-work documentation for any of your employees?
All employee data can be stored in a single storage space and accessed easily. And you can always be ready and stay updated with the right information at the right time. The employee details can be accessed in just a few clicks, and you need not worry about flipping through huge bundles of paper files.
When switching to an advanced HR system, it’s a good idea to double-check that you have the most up-to-date and relevant information about your employees. Reduce any compliance issues you may have and be confident that you’re using a single solution for all your HR needs.

No compromise to security

The advent of modern HRMS platforms has made it easier to store employee data digitally and keep all confidential information safe. Every organization is responsible for safeguarding the organizational information and employee data secure.

FOX HR- SaaS model HR application to enhance HR operations

FOX HR is a SaaS model HR application that can be hosted, and clients can access the application from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud Fox HR will cater to all the needs of a Company’s HR and its employees.
Fox HR shall be an integrated software application that combines many human resources functions, including benefits administration, payroll, recruiting and training, and performance analysis, into one package. The clients shall have both a Web portal & a Mobile (iOS & Android) app for their use.
For organizations looking for a SaaS model HR software, FOX HR can be the most suitable as it comes along with a plethora of useful features. FOX HR software can be easily accessible for everyone in the organization alike. It offers various modules like leave management, payroll management, attendance management, employee self-service, request management, analytical reports etc.
Apart from all these, it empowers employees through ESS (employee self-service) module, increases productivity, provides access to all reports, and has no compromise to security while using FOX HR.

Take away

To keep up with modern business trends, you’ll need to transform your HR and move your employee records and operations to the SaaS model HR solution. You’ll be able to maintain your records more accurately, accessible, and secure while also freeing up time to focus on other company priorities.

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