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Streamlining Internal HR Communication in Times of Uncertainty

February, 2022

The way people communicate has changed dramatically due to the spread of the pandemic. Gone are the days of dial-up phones, bulletin boards, and so on.

Nowadays, internal communication is expected to happen at the tap of a button and on the go. The Digital revolution is sweeping the world of internal communication using advanced technologies.

HR communication is a prime aspect in keeping employees motivated and engaged. It can be used to create an organizational culture and ensure that the company’s basic principles are reinforced in day-to-day operations. Effective HR communication has always been critical in every business to keep procedures running smoothly and preserve productivity.

In this hybrid work culture, the tools and the ways we use to communicate should be altered to get the desired effect. HR leaders must ensure that the employees are motivated to do their best while working from home or in the office.

Maintaining proper internal HR communication can serve as a technique of expressing gratitude for the efforts employees make for the firm.

Employees who are better communicated understand the company’s strategy and feel more involved and valued. This strengthens their sense of belonging and motivates people to put more effort into work.

Let us have a look at the need of maintaining proper HR communication:

  • Give importance to employee experience.

Employee experience is closely woven into internal communication to experience positive changes in the business bottom line.

Every organization should acclaim employee experience with priority, not just because it’s an internal communication trend.

Effective internal communication is the core of employee experience, and it allows the employees to integrate and remain informed about their firm.

Internal communications and human resources departments must collaborate to ensure that employees always have a positive experience with the organization.

  • Internal communication strategy

As our workplace is no longer limited to an office environment, HR teams should ensure that the HR communication is as effective as before for the remote work models.

The advanced tools and technologies should be used to streamline HR communication. It is beneficial to have a well-structured communication plan in hand. Rely on the tools and technologies that are able to make communication in a systematic way to get the maximum effectiveness.

The purpose of communication should not only be to convey information to employees but also to engage them. Increase employee engagement by implementing a comprehensive HR communication system.

  • Promote face to face communication

Communication is not just limited to words and the tone used, but the facial expressions are also important elements of communication. Merely stated words do not always have the intended impact because the reader’s interpretation often determines the tone.

The tone we used may be highly influenced by the current mood or will be based on the readers’ assumptions. Thus, chances are more to create confusion in readers’ minds.

Improper communication will thus damage employee relations and result in a lack of job satisfaction. Employee morale and productivity will be affected due to this. 

Therefore you should avoid relying solely on written communication in the form of emails and constantly make time for face-to-face interactions.

Video conferencing should be made use of in circumstances that hold higher importance. It improves employee engagement and helps to provide instant feedback. Moreover, it will make the process faster and more effective.

  • Culture and communication

The organizational culture also plays a major role in easing communication, and culture holds a place in how employees perceive and perform at work.

Employees are always more engaged and driven when working in a positive and comfortable environment. So, to build the much-needed trust and loyalty, bring in the requisite transparency.

  • Technology

HR communication can be made more engaging with the help of tools and technology. While sending emails, use images and videos or add some color to the text to highlight the important words.

Also, make use of surveys and seek employee opinions to make decisions. This way, it will make employees more valued, and chances are more for employees to stay in the organization for longer.


HR communication is critical for keeping staff motivated and performing at their best. To have the same amount of impact as previously, the new hybrid model requires a new communication approach.

Analyze your current work set up and develop the approaches and combinations of methods that will produce the best results for a specific sort of message. For important situations, aim to get a face-to-face connection through video calls rather than relying on general emails. Allow for easy communication and create a culture that encourages it. Make your messaging more streamlined and successful by utilizing technology.

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