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Strategic human resource management and its significance in Industry 4.0

December, 2022

The face of Human Resources is changing, transforming, and evolving with each passing day as we shift to new ways of working.

Just like any other business aspect, the traditional HRMS won’t be feasible in the new normal as it is moving ahead with the workforce transition.

Strategic human resource management

With the adoption of digital organizations, the improved tradition of digital customer experience, and the remote working model becoming the very ways of businesses, the HRMS aligns itself with the new normal of companies of all sectors.

With remote working conditions becoming the norm, improved biometric patterns and face recognition comprise modern HRMS practices.

Growing trends in HRMS with the rise in innovative technology and automation became important with the surge in technology gaps and streamlining HR activities, enabling companies to drive innovation and productivity.

In the digital era, HRMS was neglected by the business processes integrated into core business goals that fuel an organization’s growth.


What is Strategic Human Resource Management System?

The question that is on everybody’s mind is what exactly Strategic Human Resource Management and that’s become more critical when industry stalwarts try to separate the two, strategy and HRMS.

The rising advent of the new standard and complexities of operations are changing rapidly and making HR leaders focus on enhancing workplace productivity and efficiency.

Strategic Human Resource Management, abbreviated as SHRM, is a modern approach to human resource management that distinguishes itself from other HRMS processes and encompasses growth-based industry-specific requirements.

Strategic human resource management is a process of linking human resources with strategic goals and objectives, improving business performance, and developing an organizational culture that fosters innovation, flexibility, and competitive advantage among organizations.


What is an hr business partner?

SHRM incorporates the HR function as a strategic partner in formulating and implementing the company’s strategies through HR activities such as recruiting, training, retaining, and rewarding personnel.

Most users and organizations regard it as a comparatively new field in the HR domain, which has emerged out of the parent discipline of human resource management and treats the notion of strategy superficially instead of delivering it as a purely operational matter and cascading down throughout the organization.

The unknown territory of the people-centered values of HR and corporate HR practitioners’ formulation used to focus only on the people management objectives. Still, since the SHRM occupied the driver’s seat, the ways of work changed magnanimously.

Before managing workforce management, it added extra responsibility to the HR departments of organizations, which are not limited to people management and skillsets.

Furthermore, companies have become more mindful of incorporating HRMS as one of their strategic moves benefiting the personnel and promoting an enhanced HRMS with the changing norms.



HRMS and Strategic HRMS go hand in hand where the possibility of one’s enhancement is only feasible with the presence of the other.

In the new normal and digitized ways of business practices, organizations are shifting their focus more on the strategic version of HRMS, whether digital HRMS practices or the process delivery of people management, the future of HR and HRMS processes looks exceptionally great hr system.

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