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Must-Have Benefits of Automated Payroll

August, 2021

The buzzword- automation can now be seen in every phase of our daily life. Your monthly bill payments, subscription renewals, meeting schedule reminders, and the list goes on…

All these technological enhancements have made your life simpler and more comfortable, allowing you to free up your memory and let you concentrate on your other primary tasks.

The same way an automated payroll can help HR departments to calculate error-free and easy payrolls. All the time spent on entering manual data, verification, cross-checking, etc., can be avoided using an automated payroll system.

What is an automated payroll ?

Automated payroll is a way to help HR departments with the payroll process by calculating error-free employee payrolls. It will help the organization to pay your employee accurately and on time.

While calculating payrolls manually, the payroll managers should do many headache processes like federal, state, and local tax filing, generating various reports, calculating withholdings, calculating direct deposits, and many other things. An automated payroll system can handle all these data automatically, thus reducing the payroll manager’s hectic tasks.

What are the benefits of automated payroll ?

We have already seen that automated payroll makes the payroll process an easier one. Let’s dig into more benefits of the automated payroll system.

1. Quicker payroll calculations

Manual payroll involves handling many spreadsheets, calculating payroll for each employee, and finally writing checks by hand. An automated payroll system calculates payrolls quickly and easily. It can accurately calculate all types of payments from basic pay to hourly wages, other complex calculations including overtime, bonuses, double-time, raises, commissions, reimbursements, deductions, etc. The payroll system will also generate paychecks and stubs and helps to make a direct deposit.

Such a simple process, isn’t it? The only thing you should ensure is the accuracy of the input data. An automated payroll system makes calculations based on the data you input.

2. Accuracy

An automated payroll system generates accurate and error-free data. Your organization can generate 100% accurate payrolls. As mentioned earlier, cross-check the initial values you input for every future calculates lies in the accuracy of your input data. Enter the correct data and leave the rest for the automated payroll system.

3. Security

Security is one of the significant benefits of having an automated payroll in hand. Paper files and spreadsheet data are not secure to place payroll data in it. An automated payroll system stores the data in an encrypted way using password protection, enabling only authorized users to access the information. It can also track the changes made by authorized individuals. Thus data security is transparent and reliable.

4. Effortless updating

Changes are tiresome during the manual payroll system. But automated payroll system can update the changes easily within minutes. It can be directly made to the system and stored for easy access. Changes like adding new employees, update employee details like address change, bank details change, tax status, etc., can be done effortlessly.

5. Financial planning

Using an automated payroll allows funds to get directly deposited in employee account at the same time for each pay period. Thus employees can budget more effectively. Direct deposits let employees know when their paychecks will be deposited.

6. Record keeping

Every organization should have a backup record of employee tax records for at least four years. Manual payrolls may find this hectic to keep many paper files filled, filed, and stored. An automated payroll system can effortlessly store employee tax details and backups for years.

7. Creates Reports easily

When you need specific information based on payroll, it can be generated easily with an automated payroll system. If you were using a manual payroll system, then it would not have been easy to dig, track and assemble all the papers to a report. An automated payroll system generates an accurate and specific report based on user requirements.

8. It saves money and paper

Another best advantage of an automated payroll system is cost reduction. It does not require purchase or install costly equipment because this system can be accessed easily via the internet. Thus it saves money and paper as well.

9. Employee self-service

Employees are given access to view their paychecks and update their personal information. This feature can help to have error-free employee details, as they are adding it themselves and can also update. This can help to streamline the payroll process.

With an automated payroll system, the Employee Self Service feature allows employees to:

  • Edit and view their data
  • View and print pay stubs
  • View deductions
  • View benefits statement
  • Update direct deposit

10. Work efficiency

Efficiency is one of the critical elements that prompt organizations to opt for an automated payroll system. Using an automated payroll system will enhance your business processes.

Features to look for in an automated payroll system

Be careful while choosing an automated payroll system for your organization. Ensure it is safe and cross-check the entire system along with its features. After selecting a capable payroll system, see to it whether it will help to cut down these major payroll pain points:

  • Time tracking
  • Attendance marking
  • Employee self-service
  • Tax filing (local, state, and federal)
  • Reporting
  • PTO tracking
  • Software integrations
  • Calculate reimbursements, bonuses, etc

Go for an automated payroll system that is feature-fledged, but be sure that the features satisfy your organization’s needs at their best.

Final thoughts

As an automated payroll system possesses all these benefits, it’s no surprise why every business is choosing payroll automation. It can help you save a lot of money and time and let the payroll department stay burden-free.

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