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Leveraging The Benefits of Employee Self Service Portal with FOX HR

June, 2022

When employees consume a lot of time searching and gathering information, they cannot contribute proactively to completing the priority tasks at hand. Replacing the traditional methods by introducing advanced HR management software like FOX HR having Employee Self Service (ESS) module can empower employees to focus more on their core responsibilities.

The employee self-service module enables streamlining and automating information management tasks and empowers employees to manage HR-related information. Employees can access their ESS portal to view, edit and add personal information such as address, contact information, banking details, etc.
Thus, there are several benefits of the ESS portal; let’s move on to see these benefits in detail:

  • Keep employee details updated

The Employee Self-Service portal ensures that employee details are always kept updated. Employees’ personal details must be updated regularly as it helps to get rid of inaccurate information. ESS portals give complete access to their own data and can update any change when needed.

  • Better data security

When employee details are stored physically, they are easily prone to vulnerability, damage, and loss. With the integration of advanced HRMS platforms, organizations can easily migrate employee-sensitive data in the application or cloud storage and ensure higher security.
In FOX HR, employee profiles can be secured using credentials and allow only the relevant people to access the information.

  • Enhance employee morale

ESS portal enables a single platform where teams can communicate their ideas and works towards successful project completion. Moreover, these advanced HRMS platform provides an employee directory having a calendar for birthdays, work anniversaries, contacts of co-workers, and other important milestones of the employees.
This brings a feeling of togetherness, and each employee gets more connected with the organization; thus, they tend to make more valuable contributions.

  • Improves the accuracy and compliance of data

When HR teams fill in the employees’ personal data, there is room for human error. Giving provision for employees to manage their own data eliminates erroneous reports and keeps the data updated every time.
By logging in to the portal, employees can update the changes from any device.

  • Reduce environmental footprint

It is high time to consider the environmental impact of paper production seriously. Integrating advanced HRMS platforms like FOX HR put forth a significant step towards creating a paperless work culture.
The use of ESS portals reduces the dependence on physical files and folders and contributes to creating a greener environment.

  • Maintains efficiency of administrative tasks

Administrative tasks can be simplified using an ESS portal, as employees can manage attendance and requests via a single platform. Employees need not have to send leave requests to different persons to get approval; also, request tracking can be done easily via the FOX HR ESS portal.
Thus, the ESS portal enables HR professionals, and employees need not spend more time on administrative tasks and focus more on critical areas.

  • Transparency of data

Employees can look at the information stored on the ESS portal and confirm its authenticity at any time from any device. Employee documents such as salary revisions, benefits, medical details, and other company policies can be easily accessed by the employees. All the information regarding attendance records, leave balances, etc., is easily accessible to all the employees and need not spend hours tracking email threads, having endless queries with the HR team, etc.

Final thoughts

The integration of HRMS improves workplace efficiency, enhances data security, and ensures information transparency. It empowers employees by making them more engaged with organizational activities and ensures that crucial data are not left unattended at any stage.

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