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How can FOX HR Virtual Attendance Benefit Employees?

February, 2022

The sudden outburst of the pandemic has forced employees across the globe to stay indoors and switch to remote working.

As work from home has turned out to be the new normal, HR teams adopt advanced technology to cater to the changing requirements of the new workforce.

Although HR teams face many challenges at the beginning of remote working, the attendance management system is among them. 

Before the pandemic, employee attendance was done using a biometric attendance system and other tools of attendance registration, which was able to track the accurate attendance of the employees.

However, it is pivotal to have a seamless and effective attendance management system for the organizations despite all the circumstances.

FOX HR offers a virtual mobile attendance management system. It provides virtual attendance tracking using the geofencing method and without geofencing.

FOX HR Attendance Management System

It could be challenging for the organization to continue using excel sheets and other traditional methods to track employee attendance. It can turn out to be a headache for the HR staff.

Organizations should always depend on state-of-the-art HR technology to track their employee attendance, no matter where they are.

FOX HR can track attendance using both the geofencing method and without the geofencing method, which allows accurate employee attendance tracking.

FOX HR attendance tracking feature acts as a digital parameter for a geographical area in the real world. It allows managers and administrators to have visibility on the geographical location from where the employee’s check-in/out, and they can set the geofencing limits as required.

It enables the team leads to check the real-time employee location and perform security checks based on GPS location.

In geo-fencing attendance tracking, location-based services use Wi-Fi, GPS, RFID, or mobile data to allow pre-programmed actions and set up a geographical location. Geo-fencing acts as the virtual boundary to define a location based on the latitude, longitude, radius, etc.

Now let us move on to see more on FOX HR Virtual mobile attendance system.

  • Allows the employees to login into Fox HR and register attendance
  • To Implement Virtual Mobile Attendance, HR needs to create new Virtual Attendance policies under the Attendance Management settings as per the organizational requirements.
  • This access shall be restricted to employees defined in the Virtual Attendance Policy under Attendance management under the Fox HR Settings.
  • Virtual attendance, i.e., punch in/out virtually, is applicable from any smartphone (through Web and Mobile App). There will be settings to define who can do virtual attendance and under which location coordinates the virtual attendance is allowed.
  • In the smartphone, the location service should be enabled so that the employee’s location (smartphone) is identified through GPS/GPRS.

Now let us see FOX HR Virtual attendance with and without geofencing.


Without Geofencing 

  • In case of Virtual attendance without the geofencing option, the user shall be able to Punch IN/OUT from any location through their mobile device.
  • The system will take the punch in/out details and process attendance. i.e., the employee can register their punch in/out for attendance from anywhere, without the location restriction.


With Geofencing 

  • In case of Virtual attendance with the Geofencing option, users are supposed to do virtual punch in/out within the designated location/area.
  • The smartphone should be enabled with location sharing, and if the location of the mobile device is within the designated location/area of the geofencing policy, then only the system will take the punch in/out details. i.e., if the employee tries to punch in/out outside the geofencing area, then the system will not allow registering the punch in/out, and the bottom shall be disabled.

To sum up

FOX HR’s attendance management system provides an accurate employee attendance tracking system. It can also improve efficiency and employee satisfaction, which can boost the business’s bottom line.

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