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Five Ways Modern HRMS is Superior to Traditional HR Practices

November, 2021

Technology has created an impression on every aspect of our lives, so it does business operations. The integration of Artificial Intelligence, robotics, business intelligence, big data, and so on has become more efficient with data-driven insights. These technologies were able to revolutionize business operations in a way never before.

Advanced technologies have changed the face of every department in an organization. As we know, the human resource department is the core of every organization. The modern HRMS solution can streamline HR operations, including hiring, payroll processing, retaining talent, building a good company culture, and many more. Thus, it became superior to traditional HR practices in many ways.

Let’s shed light on the ways how modern HRMS is superior to traditional HR:

HR Automation

Human Resource Management Solution is a platform to manage and optimize the daily activities of human resources. HR software enables the HR department to automate the daily repetitive tasks and manage the mundane tasks easily.

The advanced HRMS platform comes with many modules that automate almost all the manual HR-related tasks. It allows HR personnel to focus more on people and company culture and develop strategies to uplift the organization.
Earlier it was hectic for the HR people to handle employee attendance, payroll, etc., manually, and it often can have some manual errors. HRMS platform provides a 360-degree vision to employees and HR people about the various functions. Employees can easily mark their attendance with the HRMS mobile application and have vision into pay slips, performance reports, etc. Considering all these features, HR tasks become easier with a modern HRMS system.

Secure Cloud-Based Database

Traditionally, human resource departments store employee data in paper files or records, eventually, it was supplanted by excel sheets. While the former required a lot of physical space, and the latter required hard drive space.
Meanwhile, both these ways of storing employee data were prone to errors. Manual entering of data can have mistakes, and it is also difficult to store files for a long period. Moreover, human resource people had to go through paper files for searching a particular piece of data.
Modern HRMS tools make the whole process manageable by providing secure cloud-based databases. Employee data in the organization can be organized and stored in these servers. It allows HR people to access the files easily at anytime, anywhere. Apart from all these, modern HRMS provides data-driven insights during the employee hiring process, onboarding, building a company culture that makes the whole journey productive and easier.

Accuracy with Statutory Guidelines

Manual entering data may consume a lot of time and is prone to error, as the saying” to err is human.” Non-compliance with statutory guidelines, on the other hand, can result in legal penalties as well as a bad reputation. Incorporating modern HRMS will free the HR departments by having error-free PF, ESI, PT, and TDS procedures. Thus, modern HRMS makes the whole human resource more potent than the traditional human resource system.

Boosts Productivity

HRMS platform enhances productivity by providing real-time analytics and employee self-service modules. This modern HRMS platforms streamline the task of HR departments. ESS not only reduces the chances of human errors and saves a lot.

Modern HRMS are built with an employee-centric approach and provide a great user experience for employees while generating real-time reports. It also bridges the communication gap between management and employees by allowing employees to edit their personal information, collaborate with their team members and leaders, and many other features that help an organization become more productive.


Implementing current systems is not only beneficial but necessary in today’s cutthroat competition. Not only would having good cloud-based HR software provide a company with a tech-savvy image, but it will also boost productivity by saving time and promoting improved communication among project teams. HRMS, without a doubt, defines the company’s future growth through increasing internal management and eliminating manual tasks.

HRMS makes HR’s job easier by concentrating more on developing a roadmap for employee skill development. Allowing technology to handle the repetitive, tedious, and monotonous labor increases employee productivity and fosters a culture where everyone can grow and achieve tremendous success.

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