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Enhance your employee productivity - with Digital HRMS

November, 2021

The work dynamics have changed largely due to the impact of the pandemic. There has been a shift from traditional work methods to remote working. To manage a remote workforce, HR technologies stand at the forefront to motivate the workforce and increase productivity.

Employee productivity is the scale of measuring employee performance in the organization, and it leads to the growth of the employee in the organization.

Let us have a look at the way digital HRMS can enhance employee productivity:

Empowering employees through employee self-service

Digital HRMS provides an employee self-service portal, and it is one of the most standout features. Often employees have queries regarding their leave, payroll, etc. If the organization has many employees, the HR department may find it tedious if each employee reaches out to them regarding their doubts. But a digital HRMS provides an employee self-service portal through which employees can access their organizational details easily. Employees can log in to their profile and can access the details, send requests, etc. This seamless way of operation boosts transparency and empowers employees.

Employee performance management

Usually, organizations monitor the performance of employees annually and provide feedback. Thus, employees have to wait for a yearlong for the annual appraisal process. This will slow down the employee improvement process. Moreover, collating the yearly performance of employees is a time-consuming process without having many positive outcomes.
The integration of digital HRMS provides a birds’ eye view to managers and provides real-time feedback to their employees. Real-time feedback makes the employee performance evaluation journey efficient, robust, and result oriented. This way, employees can pinpoint their faults and areas they need to concentrate, without waiting for the annual reviews. Periodic feedback thus results in better efficiency and increased productivity from employees.

Administration of employee benefits

Many organizations provide employee benefits that include non-wage compensation—for example, providing insurance, accommodation, housing, retirement benefits, leaves, etc.
The Digital HRMS platform manages the employee benefits of the organization efficiently. Employees can protect their rights and benefits by accurately managing their bonuses, overtime, arrears, workplace security, and insurance reimbursement.
HRMS platform provides transparency of data to employees and the management. This paves the way for better administration and management of resources.

Advanced payroll management

Digital HRMS can efficiently manage the payroll of employees in the organization. Payroll management is related to the payment of salary, but it includes various activities of employee compensation management.
Payroll management is a crucial element for all organizations worldwide. Digital payroll management can help employees with leave encashments, salary payouts, tax deductions, etc. HRMS platform streamlines the process by reducing human errors and malpractices. HRMS platform ensures the management of payroll-related activities in a better way.

Attendance and time management

The Digital HRMS platform allows the employees and HR professionals to track the attendance and employee leaves accurately. Processing of requests can be carried out easily via this platform. It provides transparent attendance and leave management process.

Improves the organization effectiveness

HRMS improves a company’s organizational effectiveness significantly. It is self-sufficient, resulting in uniformity in the administration of diverse HR operations. It fosters employee involvement and openness within the organization.
The HRMS helps to highlight the corporate goals and enhance dedication, inspiration, and information among the workers using numerous functions such as employee appraisal and disciplinary tracking.
This may be seen in the efficient management of personnel and the company’s resources, which leads to the company’s growth and expansion.

To sum up

In concept and practice, an efficient HRMS will result in increased efficiency and benefits for the company. It will assist the organization in achieving its expansion and growth goals.
HR activities in today’s world have changed how a firm provides its products and how it operates inside. Existing processes have been redefined by technologies such as digitalization, AI, robotics, and automation, which have made them more efficient, and data driven. Unquestionably, an HRMS has evolved as a productivity-enhancing personnel system. The new-age tools not only make HR staff’s jobs easier, but they also streamline and automate other relevant processes for employees and management.

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