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Connecting The Dots with AI And Employee Engagement

October, 2022

Emerging advanced technologies in artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) empower organizations to discover new trends across several domains. It is an effective method to boost employee engagement and enhance employee management, including how employees are hired, managed, and retained.

Organizations are continually looking for ways to leverage artificial intelligence to address the global employee engagement crisis. Businesses have understood that there is no better time to embrace AI than NOW.

The nature of employee engagement trends also transforms along with the generations’ change in the workforce. Consequently, the tools and strategies used to measure employee engagement levels also change.

Artificial Intelligence- The New Age Tool for Employee Engagement

Though different organizations have different definitions for employee engagement, there are many common aspects found in employee engagement, including employees who are motivated, enthusiastic, growth-oriented, etc. Besides, highly motivated employees find meaning and purpose in their work.

Now let us move on to see how AI and advanced technologies can enhance employee engagement:

Analyze employee behavior

Using advanced technologies, it is easier to improve employee engagement using sentiment analysis. It is easier to gather insights into employee behavior with the help of advanced technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI, ML, etc. These technologies can process employee behavior through a profound analysis of email conversations, biometric data and can help to deliver better employee experiences, improve employee retention, spot red flags, and thus work towards building a more engaging atmosphere for the workforce.

Enhance team collaboration

Every employee possesses unique skills and attitudes that can be useful to make a project a success. AI can be used to form project teams by creating groups having employees with a particular skill set. The management can use predictive data analysis to assess employees and identify the employees who can work better together and build a more cohesive work environment. AI can thus help organizations improve company teamwork by using intricate team structures and hierarchies.

Improve work culture

Organizations can use modern technologies to create a more immersive work culture using timely nudges and stimuli. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can help remove traditional biases in the workplace and create a fair work environment where all employees are recognized and rewarded for their hard work. Management can easily identify any existing unconscious bias due to culture and attitudes and rectify them at the earliest.

Boost communication experience

New-age collaboration tools and AI-powered software make it seamless to maintain effective team communication and collaboration and enable remote teams to connect with their co-workers in real-time. AI-driven digital tools enable remote employees to stay in the loop as the work environment keeps them hands-on with organizational affairs and offers transparency.

AI technology facilitates asynchronous meetings, provides post-meeting collaborations with the dispersed team members working from different time zones.

Personalize employee learning and development

Organizations can develop customized training programs with the help of AI analytics. Training programs can be based on the unique requirements of each employee. Management can arrange a learning and development program by considering the employees’ personalities and learning quotient.

AI / ML can be used to arrange online learning programs for employees that can be beneficial to the career growth of your employees.

Automated employee engagement surveys

The dynamic and dispersed workforce gives a great place for real-time and continuous employee feedback. Apart from conducting annual performance evaluations, conducting regular pulse surveys with the help of AI and ML can create more value and a feeling of recognition in the employees. The data extracted from polls, and survey forms, can be assessed for making informed future decisions for increasing employee engagement.

Final thoughts

The integration of innovative technologies like AI, NLP, and ML can work to provide a better employee experience. It offers various ways to empower employees and increase employee engagement.

It is time to embrace AI, as it has the power to transform global organizations into technology-driven enterprises. Businesses must value employee engagement and retention, as these are the keys to successful businesses.

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