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Attendance Deduction Policy for Employees in FOX HR

May, 2022

Attendance Deduction Policy defines how the deductions related to attendance, such as Absence, Delay, Shortage, and Missing Punch, are considered.

Employees can access the attendance deduction policy in FOX HR via:
Fox HR→ Customer Configuration→ HR Policies→ Payroll Management→ Attendance Deductions Policy

In the dropdown menu of Payroll management, the ninth option shall be ‘Attendance Deduction Policy.’
When the user clicks on the ‘Attendance Deduction Policy’ option, the system will navigate to a new page. The page shall be the Attendance Deduction Policy view and configuration page.

The user shall have the option to configure applicable deductions and allowances for such a deduction during the payroll processing.

Attendance Deduction Policy name shall be displayed in a card format.
The user will be able to view the details by clicking the view button from the button. When clicking, the additional options will be shown for ‘Edit’ and ‘View.’ 

The user can create a new Attendance Deduction Policy by clicking the ‘+’ button. When creating a new Co Attendance Deduction Policy or editing an existing Attendance Deduction Policy, the system shall navigate to the new Attendance Deduction Policy edit/view page. 

The Attendance Deduction Policy shall have options:

1.Attendance Deduction Policy Details – The details of the Cost type shall be defined here.

2. Attendance related payroll deduction – Define Attendance related payroll deduction configuration

Attendance-related Payroll deduction – There shall be a title for the deduction elements field set. There shall be four Attendance related elements that can be defined individually for payroll deduction. They are:

Missing Punch

For all the above Attendance elements, the user shall have an option to define whether a deduction is applicable or not. If no deductions are applied during the payroll process, these attendance elements shall not be considered, and there will not be any deductions for them. There will be deductions regarding the deduction criteria during the payroll process if deductions are applied. There shall be a radio button against each attendance element.

The first radio button shall be ‘No Deduction’; on this selection, there will not be any deduction applied.
The second radio button shall be ‘Deduction.’ When the user chooses ‘Deduction,’ a new set of fields shall appear in a block titled ‘Deduction Criteria.’ The user shall be able to define the deduction criteria using the new set of fields. The deduction shall be calculated concerning the definition of the deduction criteria. There shall be three fields as radio buttons under the new block, and the user shall be able to select one of them.

The three fields under the radio button option are:

Full Package – If the user selects the ‘Full Package,’ then the deduction will be calculated for the full package. i.e., if a one-day deduction is there for an employee, then their full one-day salary will be deducted.

Basic Only – If the user selects the ‘Basic Only,’ the deduction will be calculated for the Basic Salary only. i.e., if a one-day deduction is there for an employee, then their basic salary for one day will be deducted.

Custom – If the user selects the ‘Custom’ option, then a new multi-select dropdown shall be visible for the user to select the applicable Benefit Allowance types to be deducted. The value in the dropdown shall be listed from the Benefit Type master under Payroll Management. The user can define the deductions elements from the Benefit Types as per the Company Policy.

1. Applicable to Organization or Group of Organization hierarchies shall be defined for the Attendance Deduction Policy here.

2. Save (or) Cancel the changes made to the details by clicking the ‘Save’ / ‘Cancel’ button.

To sum up
The HR department can easily calculate employee deductions using the employee deduction policy in FOX HR.
It enables to calculate hassle-free payroll for the employees by accurately tracking the shortage, absent days, missed punches, etc.

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