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An Insight into Fox HR Customer Onboarding Journey

December, 2021

Fox HR is a next-gen human resource management product specially designed for intelligent start-ups, small and medium scale companies.
This specially designed HRMS platform serves employees with transparency by delivering a productive and systematic workforce. It is a fully scalable HR approach that seeks to improve the HR department’s job dynamics.

This product includes innovative features such as attendance, payroll, employee management, etc. This HRMS approach brings HR several steps forward.

The customer onboarding of FOX HR product can be done in a simplified manner via two different ways:

1.Customer onboarding via direct sales
2. Digital Customer onboarding via sales channels

Initially, let’s see how the customer onboarding journey of FOX HR happens via direct sales.
Contract creation begins once the FOX HR product is being sold to the prospective buyer, and a contract will be signed between the customer and sales executive.
The timeline for this process would depend on the sales and finance engagement. The second stage of this journey would be Customer Creation- after the contract is signed, the FOX HR operation team will configure the customer in the system. This process shall take nearly 10 minutes.
After configuration, the next stage will be to create a subdomain of, and it needs to be coordinated with the Saudi IT team. This process requires 3 hours to get done.
Once the subdomain is created, the FOX HR product team will train the customer employees in English or Arabic. For better understanding, training will be done with the aid of tutorial documents.
The training process shall require 6 hours. After this, based on the availability of IoT devices and the contract, the system will be installed on the customer premise along with a proper SLA in place.
If the device is not available at the moment, then the customers need to wait for new procurement. The process shall take around 16 hours for IoT devices installation and configuration.
After the installation process, the first customer from the client will be added to FOX HR to start operation. The customer data gets uploaded to the system by the operation team. This process shall require nearly an hour to upload the data.
As per the contract, if the operation team of FOX HR is to upload customer data, with the help of the customer HR team, organizational hierarchy and customer data will be uploaded to the system.
If not, the customer HR team will upload all the data into FOX HR. Finally, in the operational stage, the Product Operation Team will give constant support to the customer.
Next, let’s move on to see how the customer onboarding journey happens via digital sales channels.
Once FOX HR product is sold to the prospective buyer via digital platform, the client will process the payment through the payment gateway.
At this stage, the client needs to upload all details required for data processing at the time of registration, and this process would take nearly 5 minutes. Customer creation and subdomain will be done automatically from the data provided at the digital platform.
The first customer user will be added automatically from the data uploaded by the customer at the time of registration.
The operational team will train the customer employees on FOX HR in English or Arabic in the next stage by the learning and development team of FOX HR and uses tutorial documents also.
The training process would require around 6 hours. Once training is over, based on the contract and availability of the IoT Device, it will be installed on the customer premise.
Suppose the customer contract includes the attendance device feature for IoT device installation. In that case, the Saudi IT team shall install the IoT device in the customer premises with a proper SLA in place. If the IoT device is not in stock, the customers shall have to wait for new procurement. This process would require around an hour to upload the data.
After training is completed, customer data will be uploaded in the system by the operation team if mentioned in the contract with the help of the Client, and this process would need an hour to complete.
In the operational stage, the product operational team will give constant support to the customer.
Thus, these are the two different ways of how the customer onboarding journey of FOX HR happens.
If you have any queries, kindly reach out to us at; our support team is always happy to help you!

To sum up

FOX HR is a robust HRMS product that effectively manages HR-related tasks, and it automates HR-related processes in a hassle-free manner.
This HRMS platform automizes HR-related tasks under a single roof. It acts as a one-stop solution for all your tasks that fall under the HR department.
Moreover, customer onboarding can also be done efficiently in FOX HR.
Implementing FOX HR human resource management product in your organization will empower your employees and organization in a way never before.
Integrate FOX HR into your business to witness powerful outcomes!

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