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5 Recruitment Strategies to hire effectively in this current pandemic situation

September, 2021

The outburst of the global pandemic has had an immeasurable impact on the way we live and work. Facing lockdown after lockdown has made us stay barricaded at our homes and avoid physical contact with family and friends.

The impressions of the pandemic can be witnessed clearly in the way we work now. Companies have made a quick shift to full-remote work wherever possible. Many organizations understood that they need to be flexible and agile to withstand this crisis. HR departments have been playing a significant role in building a proactive culture to respond to COVID 19. Especially the hiring teams have strived to cultivate a more resilient approach towards talent acquisition, reinforce employer brand, and find the top talent. HR recruiters are facing many challenges while hiring employees remotely. Amidst all these, they want to look for a competitive advantage for their organizations by foreseeing the challenges they may encounter in a post-pandemic scenario. We are not sure whether the remote work will last once the pandemic is over, but we can say that things won’t be the same again. There are many factors that HR departments will have to prepare for in the new world of work. However, to keep things running smoothly, HR recruiters should move smartly to find the right talent with the right skills to help their organizations thrive. They should adopt a new approach to talent acquisition to thrive in the pandemic and post-pandemic times.

1. Leverage HR technology

In today’s digital world, there are many ways technology can help improve the interview process. One of the main aspects that we can use is video conferencing technology; it helps both the recruiter and candidate have face time, even apart. Moreover, the talent acquisition team can use other additional tools to improve the quality of virtual interviews, such as scorecards, skill analyzing tools, etc. Scorecards allow to conduct structured interviews and to elevate candidates with the exact criteria. Thus, video conferencing can be an excellent screening tool and hire the top talents for your organization.

2. Predictive assessments

It is now time to move from experience-based assessment to skill-based assessments. Predictive assessment tools help organizations to conduct a more strategic and efficient interview process. This helps to identify the individuals with the right potential and skills. AI-based assessment tools will help identify the soft skills of individuals and hire the most fitting one for the job role.

3. Hire employees from a remote location

One of the prominent advantages of remote hiring is to hire employees from a remote location. This allows you to have access to talented hands, no matter where they are. Organizations have the facility to hire candidates across the globe who are right fitting to your needs. Digital technologies and video conferencing platforms, cloud access, etc., will make remote working more simplified.

4. Company Culture Enrichment

Your company culture is acclaimed much in these remote hiring days. If you wish to build a team committed to meeting your company’s vision and mission, you must cultivate a refined company culture to attract potential candidates. Candidates may wish to see how your organization deals with the highs and lows, how employees respond etc. Ultimately, you need to bring to light “why should I work for you?” and bring to the table that the other companies might not.

5. Adding employee benefits

At present, employees are more cognizant about the benefits their organization has or does not have. They are more into seeking the kind of benefits to ensure their financial security and well-being. It will be good for companies to offer improved sick leave policies, better healthcare coverage, and many other benefits in the post-pandemic world. Here are some of the employee package plans that you can add to your employees:

  • Health insurance
  • Paid sick leave
  • Wellness programs
  • Retirement benefits
  • Dental & Vision insurance
  • Employee recognition programs
  • Childcare benefits, etc.

Wrapping up

Technology has collapsed the boundaries between home and work. We need to handle this uncertainty and act more strategically to keep our firm, healthy upward projection. We must take steps to rebuild a workforce that can weather any storm. While hiring employees, HR recruiters can use the above strategies to rebuild a potent force.

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