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Fox HR is an intuitively designed HRMS product that takes care of HR-related activities with unique features and unparalleled benefits, making it easier and more convenient for users. Fox HR is a one-stop solution to all your HRMS-related needs with its built-in integrations.

Why choose Fox HR?

Multi-level organizational hierarchy and Easy-to-use interface

Fox HR comes with a multi-level organizational hierarchy, with a five-tier organizational structure. Its easy-to-use interface makes it one of the most convenient HRMS software.

Simplified Attendance Management

With the unique feature of “Geofencing,” employees can manage their attendance with a “punch in” and “punch out” feature through their smartphones and laptops.

Automated Payroll Process

It also allows you to capture and track employee attendance, leaves, loans data to ensure a seamless and automated payroll process that simplifies and runs payroll in just a few clicks.

Complying with Saudi Labor Laws

Ensuring complete compliance with the Saudi Labor System and Social insurance laws and regulations, Fox HR is user-friendly software.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Fox HR contributes to achieving digital transformation goals by performing tasks and processes efficiently and effectively commensurate with the organization’s goals, objectives, and strategies.


With several internal and external integrations, Fox HR supports Multiple Attendance Device Set-ups with four types of identification methods, namely RFID Cards, Fingerprint, Palm Print, and Face Detection, providing real-time attendance data and supporting integrations with Google, Active Directory, and Microsoft 365 accounts. Its integration with payroll management ensures smooth automated payroll processing.

Hassle-free Request Management

Employees can also raise, manage, and track as many as sixteen kinds of requests such as expense claim requests, asset requests, letter requests, and much more via ESS (Employee Self-Service) within a few clicks through Fox HR. (mobile and web)

Multi-currency feature

Embedded with the multi-currency feature, Fox HR manages your organization’s multi-currency payroll with automatically calculated deductions and increments.
With a single click- single-window management, you can access your employees’ data anytime from anywhere.

Instant Automated Reports

It creates multiple analytical reports, assigns tasks to designated employees, and sends real-time alerts and notifications via smartphones.

Easy implementation

Its easy and smooth implementation in any organization makes it one of the most preferred HRMS software in the market.

Subscription Model and Multi-lingual feature

Apart from these, Fox HR comes up with monthly subscription plans and diligently supports Arabic and English language for a smooth user experience.

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